Letter’s to Jhanvi

This post has been lying in my drafts for a long time. I was confused whether to just take the picture of my letter and post it or rather write the same content .

I chose the later as I wanted to show the hand written one only to my daughter when she is old enough to understand that.

The moment I realised that I have a new life in me ,I was first amused that how will my baby know me? I started thinking how much she has developed now ,When can she hear me? ,Who she might look like? I wanted to connect with her by all possible ways. There are few things which you always treasure and one among that would be the letters ,then it occurred to me why not write a letter to my dear most ? It’s not because to show her how important she is to me(Isn’t that Obvious??) ,Its for the fact that I wanted to share something (exclusive )to her .When ever I was feeling down with something I used to tell her that you should be always with me. U should not go to anyone and find secured in me and with me. OH boy ! My daughter is a listener ! She sticks to me like a fevi quick. šŸ™‚ and I smirk when ever she stops crying the moment she comes back to me. OK back to my letters. I am not a poet neither I am good with words. I know for sure what ever I wrote was true from my heart .

On 15/02/10

Hi My baby,

As I dunno whether you are boy or girl . I just don’t care ! I love you in all ways. The fact of you in me is an emotional and an intense moment for me.I wanted to share this fact with you. I am the luckiest person to be chosen by God to keep you in me for 9 months and after birth share with your dad for rest of our lives. I will be born again with you as a mother and thank you for giving me that identity. If you happen to feel sudden jerks ,Do not worry its just me jumping out of joy for just having u in my tummy. I Love You !!

Your Mom ( I giggle when i say this ) ,

On 15/03/10

Hi Dear,

I am so happy today though I am always but today is extra special. You made me feel that you are there in me . You responded by giving me a twirl in my tummy. Yes ! You (so called) Kicked me . Mommy din realize it at first but eventually I understood that its You who is playing with me, I cried out of joy . I wanted your father to feel the same . I am telling you its definitely a wonderful moment which can be shared only among us(You and me only) .I promise I will treasure this for life time. I Love You !!
Your Mom .

On 16/03/10

Today ,At last your Dad felt Ur tiny kicks. Oh ! the joy on his face was priceless!

Your Mom

On 17/06/10
Now that you are growing quiet fast in me and the time to wait is getting shorter ,for the day I can hold you in my arms .Hear u cry,laugh,whine,sleep. Your twirls are more powerful. You are not able to kick hard probably because you don’t have enough space there. Hold on baby .You will be out in this world soon. Though we were together for past 8 months ,the joy of seeing each other face to face is overwhelming. I love you and Meet me soon baby!

Secret : I have a childhood picture of your Dad . I see it before i write these letters to you.


2 thoughts on “Letter’s to Jhanvi

  1. Swathi i know u r gud in playing with words. But i often read ur Sanjeevani for new cooking and i have tried also.first tx to that.But often i wish to read ur “love to dad, letter to jhanvi” finally i got time and read ur “Letter to Jhanvi” really really it great. i have thought abt it when i was carrying my prince. But i never wrote it wondering how to write a letter as we al was v fast in texting in mobile, this letter writing concept totally stopped. (Even in school days in our English II i secure only 4/10.) And Ur letter really gave me the feeling as if my boy was in my tummy. really great Swathi. it is very tough for a person to make other to feel the same. And ur are DON in this. My hearty applause dr. Thanks a lot.

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