Eco Friendly!

Last week was hectic for me. A surprise visit to Madurai ( My In-laws) . Preparing meals for the road trip ,Panicking about how my daughter is gonna handle the 6 hrs car journey and finally bringing my Mother-in-law to Bangalore . My MIL stayed just for 2 days ,So she wanted to visit her cousin sister here in Yelahanka . When they came back home I saw a “Rocking Horse” in Vasanth’s hand. It was a gift from Vasanth’s aunt. So sweet of her ! Its made of wood. I have hardly seen people using a wooden “Rocking Horse ” nowadays probably because of their weight. But its always better to use those as they are Eco-friendly and You wont have even an ounce of guilt when u throw that ‘coz its bio-degradable. I keep my Organic and Inorganic waste in separate bags. I use cloth to clean instead of paper towels. I use hand kerchief instead of tissues. I try to use cloth nappies for baby as far as i can. I understand that its little bit of work but isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?? Once again I wanna thank Aunt for the gorgeous “Rocking Horse” . She is too young to sit on it but babies grow faster !!!
After writing this post i was like “Is this me ??? ” Talking too much like a Egghead here??? But to say the fact I felt happy that I am contributing to “Green Planet”

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