Daddy’s out of Station

I’m blogging today just to increase the number of posts in my blog and i strongly believe ,I am not the only person here who does that! Well .. Tomorrow ,Vasanth is going for an official work. I was like YAY!!!! Mommy-Daughter time.. Vasanth never had a touring job so far .. After changing his job He has started going out of station for work. Vasanth asked me “What are u gonna do without me for 2 days??? ” before going out for the first time .
I answered ” Order Pizza and Enjoy!!” I was joking of course to pump his ego !!
After he came back from the first trip.. He asked me what i did and surprisingly my answer was same 😉 . I really did enjoy being all by myself. No cooking,No breaking my head on what to cook !!
So I’m inquisitive what he will do this time..


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