Jaanu’s Today

What to blog about this girl???
She was born on July 22nd,2010.
Named “ManyaSri-By our Acharyan” ,”Jhanvi – by us” on Aug 1st
She is officially 6 months old now and identifies me 🙂 and her eyes follows the direction where ever I go without a blink
She gives the widest smile on seeing her father and gives “Who’s She?” look at the maid.
She can roll over on her tummy and move backwards 🙂
Keep a toy in front of her and she moves away from it by crawling backwards..This is followed by a frustration of not been able to reach the toy
The more frustrated she gets more far she goes .. LOl.. Fun to watch..
Started giggling and blabbering “Ayyaaaaaaaaaah” “Inga” “Aphoooooo– accompanied by a fountain of saliva from her mouth “.
The rest of the world is a big “NO” for her.She’s totally a mommy’s girl and hates to go to strangers…
Playing with her wen she’s with me is not a problem.. The moment some one else takes control.. The lioness starts roaring ,but I was surprised to see the ease and comfort she shared with my Mom wen they were here for the New years.It was really nice to see the GrandmaGrandaughter bonding..

She keeps pulling her legs in front of her face.. Probably wondering what are they for??? Rest is next..
P.S..Im just writing all rubbish.. It may not mean anything to readers but it means a lot to me. I just wanna keep track of daughters growth now and then.. I luv u JaanuMaanu !


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