Era -My pregnancy

I was supposed to rave about this when i was pregnant. But some how I was not able to or I was not interested at that time ‘coz of so called pregnancy hormones.After giving a big thought about this I was like why shouldn’t I write about it now??

As everyone says and knows.. I was on top of the world after i came to know i was pregnant.. I wanted to scream.. Vasanth usually accompanies me every time .Irony is I chose this day(Dec 8 ,2009) to go to the Doc alone 😦

Called everyone at home.. Went to buy some juice and some healthy food as i was pregnant. Taking extreme caution that i choose everything organic. Doctor gave me an appointment for Ultra Sound Scan(USS) to know how much my baby has grown.

On the Day of USS I was tensed and highly excited .I dressed up nice as i was gonna meet my baby for the first time ! Doctor was looking at the screen and I couldn’t hold the excitement and asked doctor what was his observation. The first word came out of him ” Yes! There is a Single Live baby with Heartbeat” . I was like “There is a heartbeat?”
I was captivated by the thought that I have a life in me. I asked doctor whether i can meet my baby?? He was so generous enough to show and explain. He showed the heartbeat . I was finally able to spot that tiny bean 🙂 I stopped myself from crying like a baby in front of the doctor. Phew !!!! I was 8 weeks. I was standing in front of mirror and expecting a bump right away.

This is a picture of 12 weeks of Jaanu ! By this time she was playing tennis and football in my uterus already. My daughter waved a “Hi” . This might sound too melodramatic but I witnessed it and everyone have to believe that.. I have the proof .
In India doctor don’t reveal the sex of the baby. Its against the law. Sigh!! I wanted my baby to be safe.
I was advised by doctor that I should be keeping my mind free and happy.
I was already on cloud nine.I used to remind people around me that I am Pregnant ask them to make or keep me happy as far as possible. I kept myself away from sad novels, serials,movies and chats. Listening to good music. Ate healthy food and hogged on cravings when ever i had any.
Few things makes me wonder :
1. I am a coffee lover but in my first trimester I literally hated the smell of it. It made me so nauseous.
2. I never liked Pickles but in my first trimester I used to mix rice with the Pickle for meals .
3. My mood swings were higher and used to be all over the place sometimes.
My first trimester was over before i knew it. I spent all of it by sleeping and vomiting …

On March 16th I was having my morning breakfast, watching tv and I felt something on my tummy. i just waved my hand on my tummy thinking it to be an insect
After some time again i had the same feeling. All of sudden it strikes me that it might be a baby’s kick.

I muted the Tv and kept a hand on my small bump ,Now it was powerful one. She gave me a first kick. I was jumping out of joy and told my husband who was in office that i felt her for the first time. I was thrilled ,cried for sometime ,giggling like a small girl. I was talking to her.
I was thinking to write to my baby before she/he lands on this world.
I wrote a letter to her .
Time flew so fast. Vasanth used to take me to beach just to have a nice air. I loved beach and in my pregnancy i loved it even more. I used to feel that my baby will breathe this fresh air with me. I imagined my baby playing with waves with her/his father holding her/him so that she/he wont go far.
I was happy ..very happy.. There are lots of things which left unsaid. But its like a princess story in my mind.
It brings tears to my eyes even now wen i am writing this. 🙂

The above picture was taken during 28 weeks.

Love you Jaanu.


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