Jam .. Jam .. Jammy!

My father got lots of Organic Apricots from Armenia this time. I am fond of dry fruits.. I hope everyone knows apricots are little sour .
So this was the reason of them sitting in my pantry for quiet a long time. So I decided to make a jam out of it . Though preparation was not as quick as the decision . The peocess of making jam itself was a longer process I had few challanges in between like:
1. My baby crying extremly loud
2. Change her diapers
3 Play with her.
4. Doing laundry
5.Give her bath
6. Gas is out in stove .
But I was able to finish it. Good job Swathi !!
I took 500 g of Apricots and made two bottles of jam which costs around 450 bucks in store. So technically saving 200 bucks and also making my husbands stomach happy.
Recipe :
Ingredients :
500 g Apricots
1 Litre of water
300 g Sugar ,Actually you can go up to 500 g
Saffron -Few strands ( Eyeballed them)
Cinammon sticks (Good preservative)
What I Did??
1. Cut the apricots into chunks and soak them in water overnight.
2. Next day I take a heavy bottom pan and cook the apricots ,stirring occasionally for half hour
3. Add sugar,saffron ,cook untill a thick consistancy has reached(Stir constantly).
4. Add cinnamon sticks and immediately put them in sterilized air tight containers
5. Close the containers after they are cool.
P.S: You need to stir it constantly . It took one and half hour for the whole process 🙂

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