Our little copy master !!

I was thinking to write about the little fellow for a long time .Every person has one prominent feature so does my son. When ever I look at him I see thick,black curly hair. Even though everyone appreciates and adore his locks. I often sympathize as no one else can understand the difficulty of handling that hair but me.To put it nicely He has my hair (Lots of time I chuckle inside when some one adores his locks )  He is ever calm and focussed fella!! This guy gave me no time to gather up things for past 3 months as he did something new every other day.

Few of wonderful things he can do:

His vocabulary has improved off the chart.

One day he was watching a show along with his sister and all of a sudden he yelled “I can cook” (show name) ,We were pleasantly surprised by that.

His sister is a big role model for him now. He does everything she does and that makes her proud and silly at times.

He can ask 1000 sorries. if something falls from some one else’s hand he apologises for that.

If Jaanu cries (Upset with me not for giving her something she asked for ) He comes and says “Soyiiii” it puts smile on both of our face..

The first thing he needs after waking up is look up for his sister to give her a hug saying “hayiiii” (means huggy)

If he wants us to lift him he says “tuchil”, or if he wants something he says ‘thaaa’in most adorable way and that doesn’t work it precedes with ‘peesh thaa peesh’ .I bet no one can keep themselves from giving him a squish at that time.

If you ask him whats his name he says “Ajjas” but if I ask what’s my name, the answer is same.

He says “Fy Fy” for a butterfly.Jaanu giggles everytimes when he says that she thinks he is saying flower and corrects him saying ‘butterfly’ (with high british accent) He again says “Fy Fy” the giggle starts then correction and so goes on

When ever we sing to him’ Balamory song’ he says ‘Shop'(Stop) and says ‘Baabul’  and laughs.. he doesnt like it if we sing the song right. He stops us every single time and asks us to sing ‘Babul’ Funny fella!!!

He loves to make a mess. A dirty gooey mess.

He doesnt know how to do 2 things

Move his head up and down , for nodding ‘yes’ (he nods left and right like saying ‘no’)

He has not learnt the art of jumping on floor ,He taps his legs vigorously to let us assume he is jumping

He can’t bare sour stuffs but love sweets.

One day i told him “I love you Ojas”

He replied “I love you too ” and hugged me. I was like in a real shock
I never knew until that moment that he understood what I said and gave me back something which I will remember for rest of my life.As always ,my love grows higher and higher when I see these minute improvements and they reassure me that I am going the right way in my life.


The more affection they show towards me the more happy and proud i feel about myself, Isn’t it the most important thing you want your child to learn, to be affectionate and caring towards others? I keep telling them every time they hug each other that “this is how you should always be, together and loving ” and Jaanu replies “Ok amma” with atmost sincerity and it really cracks me up at times.

The “where is ojas ? I can’t find him” -this trick still works, he comes running to me if I call for him that way.




My last few posts always began with why i am not blogging often and most of it involving -blaming my kids” I should not do that” I told myself and began writing this post.

Past few months have been hectic in shifting,travelling ,packing and unpacking(Finally something new to blame :)) ) .I am all done and time to write little things happening in my life.Shifting to a new place always gives me a feel that life is going to be more good as everything is uncertain right now and you can always hope for the best irrespective of how life takes you

. People talked a lot about London before we planned to stay here for couple of months. If I tell anyone about London I got used to hearing ” Oh!! My aunt lives in east London” ,”Our temple priest is going there ” .Even I myself started looking out for my friends who put up there. Few last minute packing and buying ,we finally landed at London.

I am enthralled with this city’s charm already.Intricate carvings on the buildings,transport and esp weather.My father informed me that you can see all seasons in one day in London ,So True..I have never lived in a city hub. When we were in US I always wanted to spend some days living in the downtown  Chicago as i liked the hustle bustle or noise of city life. It always feels good when your small wishes comes true.

Underground trains are scary for my kids but we are getting used to it slowly. Street markets great fun to watch. It was smart of Vasanth to take me at a closing time though.


We wandered in beautiful parks watching people enjoy the sunbathing. As I am more used to hide under a shade to save myself from scorching heat of the sun this seemed very unusual .I was able to understand that people wait for sun just like how we wait for rains.My kids enjoyed everything in park ,the swings,slides,springs,birds,flowers,grass etc.. These humongous parks are a piece of cake in midst of cities. These parks are a proof of how a colour can change the mood .These lush green gardens did make me feel fresh and calm.

Wandering into places which i read only in books and watching lanes named after famous poets made me kind of very happy(Wordsworth lane,Big Ben,London bridge,Queen etc.). Recently I happened to watch “Crystal Maze” on tv. I remember watching it with my Dad and waiting for that show every week end. A simple ingenious game show took me 20 years back -a time I totally enjoy reliving and watching it along with my daughter made it more special.

As I am done rambling about the city i live its time for me to get back to looking out for admissions in school for my daughter and Plan for more things to do for the week end. :)


Little wonders of my life

Kids are totally taking my time. They hate it if I operate any of the electronic appliances. for eg.Computer,TV,Music,Blender,Fridge, phone (smart phone to be precise) etc. I am only allowed to talk to my girl or just let my son cuddle me or watch them watching their cartoon  or sing,count,dance just like their cartoon stars.I feel I am doing nothing yet doing everything. Hence no frequent posts.

When I was in  6th grade we had one of few new channels added to our cable tv . I loved watching ” Small Wonder ” I used to wait for the program and run around the home walking and talking like a robot(Vicki).


I thought she was a real robot.Some time later in another channel I saw new real robot inventions and they looked like bunch of metal parts sewed together with bolts and nuts with no real eyes,  ears, mouth and noway like Vicki. I used to think why these guys are struggling so much when they have Vicki . Looking back at that thought makes me smile now . I remember I learnt the word “dismantle”.

I loved that phase of my life ,total ignorance and innocence.Last week we were watching tv and my daughter witnessed a scene of a man crying (it was indeed a comedy scene -the man cries in a very funny manner) but my daughter asked me to stop laughing and go ask him what he needs. I laughed again and apologized to her for laughing.Agreed totally with her that we should never laugh or find pleasure in others misery.Isn’t it wonderful to get to learn things from your little ones. Sometimes extremely embarrassing but mostly absolutely adorable.

There was another such incident where we have invited our friends for dinner and after I gave them a cup of tea my daughter asks them to say “thank you” to me . Remember ?? the extreme embarrassing situations this was one of those. I couldn’t ask my daughter to not to say that as few moments ago I had asked her to thank them for giving her a gift.
As they were our friends they took it lightly & laughed at it and also thanked me as per Jaanu’s order.

She forgets the word “broken” in tamil and uses “torn” instead. Like for saying “Toy odanji pochu (The toy broken) ” she says “Toy kinjichidhu “(The toy is torn)

In future if I ask my daughter two words she can think of from her childhood its definitely going to be “Gentle” and “Polite” as we have made her hear those innumerable times. I control my urge to not bug her repeatedly but I fail more often.I keep telling myself “Just a Phase ,Phase and its going to pass”

These days I can see little personality in my son. He has learnt the technique of scaring/irritating/frustrating/taunting/traumatizing us by throwing threat tantrums and how he does it? simply banging his head on floor. Our paediatrician asked us to isolate ourself from him when he throws tantrums like those.But this guy has enough intelligence to come behind me and bang his head where ever i go.It cracks me up often but i control my urge to laugh and manage to give him a stern look as its all for his betterment.

He has learnt to shower kisses on us when ever he needs them or he needs our attention.

My son thinks if I take him away from his father its time to say ‘good night ‘ and he does it by keeping his palm on his head saying ‘nait nait’.

He can say “Fannn” showing fan and Point his finger to light if we ask.

If i dont know where is he in the house I just have to say aloud ” Ojas kanomme ..(Where is Ojas ..I cant find him)..” He will come running to me with his face all lit up expecting me to be happy on seeing or finding him. This trick never fails .

I always tell Vasanth that i need time for myself. All I do in that time slot is write about children and I always feel so happy about it without any guilt. Its never going to be enough how much ever times I thank God for giving me this adorable and lovely children.


The love bug


This picture is favorite of mine. For some people, these are just pairs of shoe stacked together but for me those belong to  wonderful people (ok can exclude me/mine ) who together make something called family and I am delighted to declare its mine. There is a invisible bug in all of us and when ever that hits the other it always doubles itself  that’s our little love bug. I am glad that I have it in me and have found it in every member of my family.

Achari Baingan/ pickeled Brinjals


We went to a restaurant and vasanth asked me to taste brinjal recipe. The minute I tasted it I know I was going to try this making at home . so I did and hence the recipe.

6 to 7 small brinjal
1 tsp garam masala
1 tsp turmeric powder
2 small onions
3 tomatoes pureed
1/2 tsp red chilly powder
1 table spoon  mustard oil
Salt to taste

Spices to grind
1 tsp fennel seed
3/4 tsp fenugreek seeds
1 tsp jeera/cumin
3 tsp coriander seeds
4 dry red chillies
1/2 tsp kalonji (onion seeds)

How to prepare:
Slit the brinjal length wise and stuff little of salt and red chilly powder.
Sear the brinjals in little oil and take them out after some time
Add chopped onions, ground powder, garam masala
Add tomato puree, salt and water
Add seared brinjals and let it cook in low flame for 15 minutes
Add curd and chopped coriander to garnish
Tastes great with rotis or rice.

Oh! Boy

This is something I love to write about . ie my kids.
My 16 month old boy is suddenly big boy now. He jumped from being a baby to all learning mode.
Adorable things he can do:
If I ask who is Ojas,  he pats his small ponch .
I say namaste, he folds his hand to do namaste
If I say clap he claps his hands
Say huggy, he will look for his sister to hug. Myself and vasanth are not fortunate enough for that yet.
He can understand what Comes next very well . ex . While vasanth starts wearing his shoes in morning he says,  “ba ba” he knows vasanth is going to leave and stands by him so that he can take him out.
He got the idea that u have to keep the receiver on our ear to  talk.
He needs everyone in the house to be with him. If any one of us leave he cries, very very bad.

He is one angry young man, if you stop (even warn him) of not so good behavior, he growls and lies flat on the ground and throws tantrums(gene coding)

This wierd Al has a comfort blanket, a real blanket as a comfort blanket. He bites it  just like a puppy holds a toy in its mouth n growls if any body tries to snatch it.

He says poochi, muchi , Amma, ppa, eyes (keeps his index finger on his eye) if we say kissi he showers flying kisses keeping his palm on his mouth instead of taking it away like in a traditional flying kiss ..

He plays with car, to my curiosity I tried giving him doll, he either pushes it away or bites it hard so that he can get few beatings from his sister for doing it.

He shows just two emotions smile and cry but most of the time smiles make a higher count.
We call him a ” happy feet dancer” he taps his legs just like that little penguin in movie’ Happy Feet’ .I just love this easy breezy boy.

Every time I see my kids I say this every time. THEY GROW SO FAST.
Each person  have their own perception , there are people who might  be worried about what’s next, school, emi , life insurance, house, a good future for them etc. I won’t say that those are not my concerns but I am not there yet to give priority to these concerns .All I care for now is I have to enjoy these moments of life and slowly learn to let them go whenever they want to and most of all whenever I have to . I can’t be this over protective nag in every time in their life . Isn’t bringing a change in yourself the most important thing than changing things around you?  It’s been 3 years since I entered motherhood but the overprotective me has just started  to learn to be at ease sometimes.


I have definitely enjoyed the phase and to cherish many more such phases of our life together .i feel very much lucky enough to have witnessed and experience these simple joy of motherhood.